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COVID-19 Update

December 2020

Due to the return to the ORANGE Phase in the pandemic, FACE AS will be discontinuing face-to-face visits, this includes home visits, parent groups and EYE-DA's. 

However, all services will continue virtually, except for EYE-DA's. 

The Province requires EYE-DA assessments completed face to face.


FACE AS would like to apologize for this inconvenience. 

If you have any questions please call our toll free line at -855-383-5437


We hope to see you again soon. 

Keep safe!

Outbreak Management Plan

As part of the current mandate, FACE AS is required to have an outbreak management plan.

The plan will be required to be updated to include information on COVID-19 and the control measures to follow when dealing with a suspected case of COVID-19.  An outbreak is one confirmed case or 2 suspected cases of COVID-19.


Control measures on suspected cases of COVID-19 include:


  • If the program is required to be closed because of an outbreak, Public Health will give the directive to the school and the program. 

  • The tracking log will be provided to Public Health upon request.

  • If exclusion/isolation is required, ensure that measures are in place to inform families and staff of the situation and of how important this control measure is. Proper exclusion/isolation is one of the most important and effective measures in controlling the spread of disease to others. Parent/guardian and staff cooperation is critical. The child and family must leave immediately if they become symptomatic during the session. The child and family and staff must leave immediately should a staff become symptomatic during the session.  Families must be aware that this is an expectation. 

  • Any staff who becomes symptomatic must immediately isolate from others and wear a mask until they are able to leave the facility.

  • Hygiene and respiratory etiquette must be practiced.

  • Environmental cleaning and disinfection of the area must be conducted once the ill client/family/staff has left the building.

  • If an outbreak is confirmed, appropriate notices for staff/families/guardians will be posted at all entrances to the facility to ensure that appropriate information is available for staff and caregivers if needed or requested.


Thank you for your patience as we all learn to live our new normal.

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