Being a board member means...

To provide leadership and oversight of the activities of the organization and focus on governance issues including strategic planning, financial oversight, and organizational assessment. 

What to Expect as a Board Member

As FACE-AS Board members, we are active in everything from reviewing financial reports to researching issues and policies and undertaking committee work. 


The Board meets monthly, while most committees meet bi-monthly or on an as-needed basis, communicating frequently using e-mail and similar tools.

The anticipated time commitment is approx. 2 -3 hours per month (meetings, preparation, consultation), for a one-year term.

What Are Some Benefits to Joining the Board?

  • I love volunteering in a place that I can feel accomplished. FACE is it.

  • I love what I do, and being on this board I get to use my skills for a good purpose! I don't mind giving my time for that :)

  • I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer and helping an organization with children's outreach seems like the right choice!

  • It's a good feeling to be part of a group that is committed to supporting what feels like a small business!

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